The History of Caldwell

From Burdett's Map of Derbyshire, surveyed in 1767, reprinted in 1791.
From a modern reprint by the Derbyshire Archaeological Society

Prior to the Norman Conquest, there was an Anglo-Saxon settlement in the area.In AD 942 it was recorded as Caldewaellan, Somewhere in the vicinity of the present hall there was a dwelling surrounded by a moat.

In 1068 the Manor of Caldwell was given to the Abbey of Burton by William the Conqueror, and it was held by them until the Dissolution of the Monasteries. (Richard de Calingewood is recorded as tenant here in 1351).

The other Burton Abbey holdings in Derbysire (in 1086) were Findern, Hilton, Hoon, Littleover, Mickleover, Middleton by Youlgreave, Potlock and Sutton on the Hill.

In 1545 Henry VIII gave the Manor of Caldwell to Sir William Paget.
His son Henry, Lord Paget, sold it in 1555 to Peter Collingwood, (or he bought it in 1564?)

A large (and unfortunately cracked) memorial in the church, (behind the bell rope), gives details of several members of the Callingwood family, notably Major Henry Callingwood, b.1582, d.1616, a Silkeman Longcap of Cripplegate Company, London, and his sons Thomas (a factor for the East India Company), Daniel (a Silkeman of Stokerston) and Christopher (who went to New England).

Peter Collingwood married the widow of Thomas Sanders of Surrey, a friend of Sir William Gresley of Drakelow.
Thomas Sander's (I think) great grandson, Colonel Thomas Sanders, a Roundhead (who fought against Charles I in the Civil War), built the oldest part of the existing hall, (known as the Clock Wing because of the clock above the original main entrance). There is a bricked-up gateway (to the road) directly in line with this entrance.

Colonel Sanders grand-daughter, Elizabeth, married John Mortimer, MP, FRS.
Their son, Dr Cromwell Mortimer, sold the hall to Henry Evans, a brewer from Burton upon Trent.

Henry's daughter, Miss Rebecca Evans, died in 1857 and the estate was sold by trustees in 1858 to Sir Henry Des Voeux, 3rd Baronet. Sir Henry (born 16 Dec. 1806) died 4 Jan. 1868, aged 61.
His wife, Sophia Katherine, was the widow of Sir Roger Gresley, 8th. Baronet of Drakelow.
She died at 39 Berkeley Square, London, in 1875. She is buried with her second husband in the churchyard at Caldwell.
Henry Des Voeux's monogram can be seen over the present main entrance in the Georgian Wing of the house.

The estate passed from the Des Voeux family to Sir Charles Milligan. When the last of the Misses Milligan died in 1960, the estate was sold to H. S. Waterfield, Swadlincote and then on to Topliss and Beard, who ran it as a nightclub for a while.
In 1972 it was aquired by the Honormead Group of Special Schools and turned into a school for boys with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

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